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Mariam Nassar

Image: Mariam Nassar

Current Projects

Simulation Experiment Management for Systems Biology (SEMS)
Systems biology is a scientific approach characterised by an iterative cycle of data-driven modelling and model-driven experimentation. The present project is to provide support for this iterative cycle through techniques and tools that improve and ease the working with simulation setups, using standard formats and ensuring result reproducibility.

Research Interest

Information retrieval and ranking for computational models
Modelling biological systems is necessary to characterize  biological phenomena and to study the behavior of biological systems. As the science is developing day by day, the number of models is rising too. Therefore searching for models is becoming more and more important. Models can be searched by different aspects. For example we can search models by keywords or by certain structures. Models can be searched by their ontology terms too. However, as we are to optimize methods to search for models, combining search results is equally important.
From this perspective, we are interested in how to create a metric to combine results from our current ranked retrieval into a single similarity score.

Academic Background

Bachelor degree in Computer Science
University of Rostock
Rostock, Germany  

Contact Details

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
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phone: +49 381 498-7680
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