Tom Gebhardt


Research Projects

INCOME: Integrative Collaborative Modelling in Systems Medicine

By bringing the community of modelling groups together and contributing to the improvement of the annotation of existing models and the accessibility of related datasets, we will pave the way for the development of a modular, integrative model of cellular processes.


Academic background

since 2017

Phd-candidate at the institute for Systems Biology & Bioinformatics
University of Rostock,
Rostock, Germany


Master degree in Computer Science
University of Rostock
Rostock, Germany


Bachelor degree in Computer Science
University of Rostock
Rostock, Germany


Selected publications

Evolution of computational models in BioModels Database and the Physiome Model Repository

Scharm M, Gebhardt T, Touré V, Bagnacani A, Salehzadeh-Yazdi A, Wolkenhauer O, Waltemath D

BMC Systems Biology 12:53 (2018)

Unveiling network-based functional features through integration of gene expression into protein networks

Jalilia M, Gebhardt T, Wolkenhauer O, Salehzadeh-Yazdi A

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease

Visualising sub-networks in SBML models

Tom Gebhardt

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Teaching Experience

since 2017

Standards in Systems Biology

Master students with background in Computational Engineering, Systems Biology, Biomedicine and others