AIR: Atlas of Inflammation Resolution

AIR: Atlas of Inflammation Resolution

The AIR is to provide an interactive platform connecting scientific and medical communities.

Acute inflammation is a nonlinear spatio-temporal process for the removal of invading pathogens and the repair of damaged tissues. If not resolved, it can lead to chronic inflammatory clinical phenotypes. The AIR provides a comprehensive resource, covering damage-, and pathogen-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs and PAMPs), relevant signaling events, protein-protein interactions and gene regulatory mechanisms underlying acute inflammatory clinical phenotypes. More specifically, the AIR provides:

  • An interactive, searchable, scalable, web-based computational representation of acute inflammation and its resolution
  • An acute inflammation focused portal to databases such as DrugBank, chEMBL, UniProt, GenBank and PubMed.
  • Thousands of manually curated, directed and experimentally validated interactions, allowing for the identification of regulatory motifs, including feedback and feedforward loops.
  • A research tool for bioinformatics analyses related to inflammation and inflammation resolutions. Using established standards, like SBML and the Minerva platform , the AIR allows users to map experimental data onto the molecular interaction map and to develop mathematical models for further analysis.


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