Participation in 4th Disease Maps Community Meeting (DMCM2019) in Sevilla, Spain


Inflammation is the first action in a complex healing process after pathogenic infections or injuries, initiated by our immune system. Recent advancement in omics yield a remarkable amount of data on inflammation and inflammation resolution, however, a detailed and quantitative understanding of the involved regulatory processes is still missing. Toward the development of more sufficient investigation methods, we constructed the Atlas of Inflammation Resolution (AIR), a research resource combining a molecular interaction map (MIM) of the latest information on interacting mediators in inflammatory pathways with molecular regulatory processes of clinical phenotypes.

The MIM contains clinical indication-specific molecular interactions from publicly available literature and databases. The network was generated using state-of-art network construction methods and the CytoScape platform. Furthermore, we expanded the MIM by two layers with transcriptional and miRNA regulators from established databases. To bring the AIR into clinical context, we further manually created and curated individual small MIMs (submaps) containing detailed molecule processes on selected clinical phenotypes for inflammation and inflammation resolution.

The AIR is available on the MINERVA (Molecular Interaction Network Visualization) platform providing an interface for users such as clinicians or researchers to extract information or to visualize their own data. This provides opportunities for the development and implementation of functionalities to predict key regulatory elements and changes in clinical disease phenotypes or drug interactions through analysis of context-specific -omics data. Using the AIR to elucidate mechanisms and signals of drugs or diseases that regulate the complex response of inflammation/inflammation resolution will lead to the development of more advanced and directed therapy design.

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