Vivek Garg

Research interest

Modifications in model versions are manifold and appear on different layers. We develop an ontology of differences occurring in model versions. It will support researcher in analyzing differences, determining typical changes, summarizing major changes and providing statistics, so that researcher would get the idea and work exactly just by beholding into Ontology.

In my internship project I am concerned with generating the differences between two versions of an SBML model from BioModels Database, analysing the differences with BiVeS, finding typical changes, and creating an ontology according to that.

More specifically, one major task in this project is to generate the difference between two XML files. The BiVeS tool generates the differences and our task is to interpret the differences, thus to make them human readable. We then build an ontology based on that analysis, using the software tool Prot

Academic background


Master Degree in Computational Engineering
University of Rostock



Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Selected publications