Prof. Svetoslav Nikolov

Research interest

My research interests are in the fields of systems biology, bioinformatics, nonlinear (chaotic) mechanics, bifurcation theory and nano-biomechanics.

Academic background

Svetoslav Nikolov received his M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1994 and the Ph.D. degree in biomechanics from the Institute of Mechanics (IMech)- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), in 1999. From 1995 to 1999 he was Ph. D. student at IMech. From 2005, he is professor in the Institute of Mechanics.

He received the following professional and scientific awards: (i) Award of BAS “Marin Drinov” for the best young scientific worker in Mathematics (2002), (ii) Award for contributions to biomechanics, young scientific session of the Scientific and Technical Union (1998).

Selected publications

Model-Based Phenotypic Signatures Governing the Dynamics of the Stem and Semi-differentiated Cell Populations in Dysplastic Colonic Crypts

Nikolov S, Santos G, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 80(2) 360-384

Tumors as chaotic attractors

Nikolov, S. and Wolkenhauer, O. and Vera, J.

Mol Biosyst. 10 (2):172 - 9

Model-based investigation of the transcriptional activity of p53 and its feedback loop regulation via 14-3-3Σ

Vera J, Nikolov S, Lai X, Singh A, Wolkenhauer O (2011)

IET Systems Biology 5: 293-307

A model-based strategy to investigate the role of microRNA regulation in cancer signalling networks

Nikolov S, Vera J, Schmitz U, Wolkenhauer O (2011)

Theory in Biosciences 130: 55-69

Integration of sensitivity and bifurcation analysis to detect critical processes in a model combining signalling and cell population dynamics

Nikolov S, Lai X, Liebal UW, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J (2010)

International Journal of Systems Science 41: 81-105

Dynamics of microRNA regulation of cancer network

Nikolov S, Vera J, Herwig R, Wolkenhauer O, Petrov V (2010)

Comptes rendus de l'Académie Bulgare des Sciences Tome 63: No 1

A multi-level model accounting for the effects of JAK2-STAT5 signal modulation in erythropoiesis

Lai X, Nikolov S, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J (2009)

Computational Biology and Chemistry 4: 312-324

Time delay and protein modulation analysis in a model of RNA silencing

Nikolov S, Lai X, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J (2009)

Communications of SIWN 6: 111-117

Role of inhibitory proteins as modulators of oscillations in NFkB signalling

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IET Systems Biology 3: 59-76

Time delay and Epo dose modulation in a multilevel model for erythropoiesis

Nikolov S, Lai X, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J (2009)

Bioautomation 12: 53-69

Stability Analysis of a time delay model for the JAK-STAT signalling pathway

Nikolov S, Georgiev G, Kotev V, Wolkenhauer O (2007)

Series on Biomechanics 1: 52-65

Principal Difference Between Stability and Structural Stability (Robustness) as Used in Systems Biology

Nikolov S, Yankulova E, Wolkenhauer O, Petrov V (2007)

Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences 4: 413-433

Chaos in a delayed protein cross talk model with periodic forcing

Nikolov S, Vera J, Wolkenhauer O, Yankulova E, Petrov V (2007)

Comptes rendus de lAcademie bulgare des Sciences 2: 127-132

Modeling Colorectal Cancer: A Stability Analysis Approach

Nikolow S, Ullah M, Nenov M, Gonzales JV, Raasch P, Wolkenhauer O

in: Medical Advancements in Aging and Regenerative Technologies; Daskalaki A
Clinical Tools and Applications: 53-75
IGI Global 2013

Bifurcation Analysis of a Model Accounting for the 14-3-3s Signalling Compartmentalisation

Nikolov S, Vera J, Wolkenhauer O

in: Quality Assurance in Healthcare Service Delivery, Nursing, and Personalized Medicine: Technologies and Processes. Lazakidou A, Daskalaki A (eds.); Medical Information Science Reference 2011.

ISBN 10 (print): 161350120X

A multi-level model accounting for the effects of JAK2-STAT5 signal modulation in erythropoiesis

Lai X, Nikolov S, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J

The 2009 International Workshop on "Computational and Integrative Biology" (CIB 2009), Hangzhou, China, 18.09.-20.09.2009

Venue: Hangzhou, China

Use of sensitivity analysis to detect critical biochemical processes in a mathematical model linking intracellular and cell population dynamics in erythropoiesis

Lai X, Liebal U, Nikolov S, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J

The 6th Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB), Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, October 2008

Venue: Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany

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