Rebekka Alm


Research interest

Using graph databases for storing simulation data
"I am interested in providing a graph database that contains SED-ML encoded data."
The Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language (SED-ML) is a first attempt to reach the goal of exchangeability and reusability of simulation experiences. It is an XML format, developed as a community effort, involving international partners from different Systems Biology groups.
Since XML has a graph-like structure it is advantageous to use graph databases as storage model. Model data and simulation data is linked and Information Retrieval techniques are used toprovide a userfriendly search option. It's my task to construct a graph database suitable for representing SED-ML data.
It is interesting to work with this very different database type. Graph databases are very different from relational and object databases that are usually teached to students. It's fun to shape the database schema and watch it grow.

Academic background

2012 - present Master Degree in Business Informatics
University of Rostock, Rostock/Germany
2008 - 2012 Bachelor Degree in Business Informatics
University of Rostock, Rostock/Germany


Selected publications

Annotation-Based Feature Extraction from Sets of SBML Models

R Alm, D Waltemath, O Wolkenhauer, R Henkel

Article in Lecture notes in computer science 8574, pp 81-95 (2014)

Bestimmung von Distanzen zwischen Versionen XML - kodierter biologischer Modelle

Alm R