Muhammad Naveez

I am bioinformatician, interested in the construction and analysis of molecular interaction maps (MIM).

Research Students

Research interest

The wealth of data and the diversity of data types in the life sciences make it difficult to identify those variables of a system that relevant for a disease process. MIM are created using experimental data, information the literature and mining databases. Once a MIM is created a range of mathematical and computational tools are used to explore and visualize maps. The outcomes of these analyses are predictions about molecules, pathways and their interactions in the context of a disease. Disease specific MIM, and our analysis, support biologist and clinical researchers with the design new experiments and contribute to a better understanding of diseases.

Academic background

2018 Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
University of Rostock, Rostock/Germany
2018 Training school 3
OpenMultiMed, Erlangen/Germany
2017 Erasmus+ Traineeship Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
University of Rostock, Rostock/Germany
2017  Big Data Bootcamp
Accenture, Riga/Latvia
2017  Training school 1
OpenMultiMed, Porto/Portugal
2016 - 2017 Master Thesis
Laboratory of Systems Tumor Immunology, Erlangen University Hospital/Germany
Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Erlangen/Germany
2015 - 2017 Master of Science in Computer Systems Engineering
Riga Technical University, Riga/Latvia
2009 – 2013 Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics
Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab/Pakistan


Selected publications