Dr. Änne Glass

Research interest


Academic background

Since 2009 Biostatistics, Medical Faculty (UR): Randomization, Clinical Trials, Projects, Teaching 1999-2008
Setting up Bioinformatics Core Facility of the Medical Faculty (UR): Design and Analysis of gene expression experiments 1995-1998
Scientific Projects in the Medical Faculty and in the Department of Computer Science (UR) 1983-1988
Degree in Math at the University of Rostock (UR), Germany

Selected publications

Cardiac cell therapies for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction: A Meta-Analysis from mouse studies

Lang C, Wolfien M, Langenbach A, Müller P, Wolkenhauer O, Yavari A, Ince H, Steinhoff G, Krause B, David R, Glass Ä

Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry

The multikinase inhibitor Sorafenib displays significant antiproliferative effects and induces apoptosis via caspase 3, 7 and PARP in B- and T-lymphoblastic cells

Schult C, Dahlhaus M, Ruck S, Sawitzky M, Amoroso F, Lange S, Etro D, Glass A, Fuellen G, Boldt S, Wolkenhauer O, Neri LM, Freund M, Junghanss C (2010)

BMC Cancer 10: 560