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Project offers

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We offer a range of projects from undergraduate to postgraduate level, covering problems in software development, data mining, visualisation, modelling and simulation. Projects can be conducted 'in-house' or with national and international partners. We are also able to support successful students with industrial placements in Germany, Europe and overseas. See the Project Page for further information. Contact Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer any time for further information.


All topics listed can be worked on as a student assistant or in final year projects as part of a degree.

  • Master Thesis: Find correlations in scientific literature and simulation models
  • Entwicklung eines Algorithmus zum Design von zellbiologischen Experimenten zur Unterscheidung zwischen alternativen mathematischen Modellen
  • Mathematical Modeling of the Life Cycle of microRNA
  • Decoding the functional structure of genomes
  • Simulating tissue that is alive
  • Benchmarking miRNA target prediction algorithms
  • Comparative investigation of mathematical models describing tumor-microenvironment interactions with application on a certain problem
  • Reproducing the molecular decisions of multicellularity in B. subtilis
  • Understanding the organization of the metabolism in Bacillus subtilis
  • Automation in Microscopy
  • Degradation of carbon dioxide by micro organisms
  • Robustness and Prediction Accuracy of Biomarker Genes in Radiation Research
  • Detection of potential drug targets in cancer signaling by mathematical modelling and optimization

Develop your own topic with the help of our group members based on our current research topics, too.

Student assistant positions

We are constantly seeking interested students who want to get involved in cutting edge research as part of our research group.

Available topics:

  • Mathematical modelling and simulation in systems biology and bioinformatics
  • Identification of gene-/protein interaction networks
  • Data mining (clustering, classification, pattern recognition,...)
  • Software development (Matlab)
  • Python Programming

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