Steinbeis Transfer Center for the Analysis of Complex Systems (AKSY)

The Steinbeis-Transfer Centre AKSY (Analysis of Complex Systems) is specialized in the analysis of complex data and processes. Our system-theoretic approaches can be applied to many processes in the life sciences and biotechnology but also in the business domain and for production processes. Our experience is in statistical data analysis, mathematical modelling and computer simulations, aimed at improved decision making and planning. Our analysis of complex dynamical relations leads to optimized and simplified tractable processes, because we can mathematically determine critical system variables, and can examine different scenarios in computer simulations. Our expertise is available for consultancy and collaborative projects – use our analytical skills!

Key competences

  • Data analysis, data mining
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Strageties for handling complexity
  • Simulation and analysis of production and business processes
  • Optimization of decision processes

Additional services

  • Translation services for German, French, English, Spanish by experienced professionals
  • Planning and organization of scientific meetings
  • Production of E-learning material (Camtasia video seminars)
  • Courses in successful scientific publishing

Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer

Course offer