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Possibility Theory with Applications to Data Analysis

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Chapters in Books

Tools for Understanding miRNA–mRNA Interactions for Reproducible RNA Analysis

Bagnacani A, Wolfien M, Wolkenhauer O

Springer (2019), chapter in Computational Biology of Non-Coding RNA. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1912.

Workflow Development for the Functional Characterization of ncRNAs

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Applications of genome-scale metabolic models and data integration in systems medicine

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Integrative workflow for network analysis

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A Network-Based Integrative Workflow to Unravel Mechanisms Underlying Disease Progression.

Khan FM, Sadeghi M, Gupta SK, Wolkenhauer O

From Microscopes to Macroscopes: Advancing Biomedical Research Through Systems Approaches

Olaf Wolkenhauer

Biochemical pathway modeling tools for drug target detection in Cancer and other complex diseases

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Third-Kind Encounters in Biomedicine: Immunology Meets Mathematics and Informatics to Become Quantitative and Predictive

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Modelling Molecular Processes by Individual-Based Simulations Applied to Actin Polymerisation

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The pH-induced metabolic shift from acidogenesis to solventogenesis in Clostridium acetobutylicum - From experiments to models

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Qualitative Uncertainty Models using Random Set Theory

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Case study in systematic modelling: Thiamine uptake in Yeast S. cerevisiae, book chapter, Essays

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Systems and Control Theory for Medical Systems Biology

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A system biology approach to understand functional activity of cell communication systems

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A plea for more theory in molecular biology

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A power-law model to describe the dynamics of the JAK2-STAT5 signalling pathway

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Identification of enzyme targets in metabolic diseases by modelling and optimisation. The case of hyperuricemia in humans

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ISBN 13 (print): 9788461111350

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Bifurcation threshold in the MAPK cascade is independent of the Hill coefficient

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All Models are Wrong

Wolkenhauer O, Ullah M

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Fuzzy Clustering of Short Time-Series and Unevenly Distributed Sampling Points

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Information Fusion in Genomics: Qualitative vs Quantitative

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Random-Sets: Theory and Applications

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