Single-cell RNA-Seq data analyses at your finger tips

iSAB on a murine heart slice (Jung et al. 2014, SCR)


Complex data analysis for single-cell data is not needed anymore - to some extend.

Here, we are proud to be part of the latest release of the "EMBL Single Cell Expression Atlas". Two of our datasets from entire murine hearts (Bl6 & Fzt:DU) from the iRhythmics project have been selected to become part of the gold open access platform for intuitive single cell analysis. Therefore, there is no urgent need anymore to reanalyse the raw data, but plug and play with the actual results that have been already published.

Ever wanted to search for your favourite genes in an entire mouse heart? Please visit the EMBL-EBI website or if you want even greater detail and more analyses, such as interactive feature plots, heatmaps, and coexpression plots, you may visit our own extension at