de.NBI AI Brochure with two SBI projects - Out Now!

Cover image of the new de.NBI AI brochure


de.NBI is delighted to present you a new brochure, which gives an overview about de.NBI and ELIXIR Germany's activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which the SBI contributed with two outstanding projects.

As part of the German network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI), the SBI contributed towards the recently published brochure with two important topics about "Explainable transcriptomes" (as part of iRhythmics) and "Analyzing imbalanced datasets". Both projects are using modern AI approaches to tackle the emerging challanges of complex and high dimensional data. We describe current efforts in the fields of explainable bulk, single cell, as well as spatial transcriptomics analyses to empower users for an improved understanding of their data at hand. Our presented algorithm, named LoRAS, is able to generate in silico minority class samples to adjust for the majority class to finally improved the overall AI model. If you are interested, please find our articles at page 74 and 100 respectively.