SBI is part of "Carpe digitale" 2022

Flourescence labeled mesenchymal stem cells


Offering a new "AI in microscopy" course for the Rostocker Online Campus

As part of the digitalization initiative for online teaching, the SBI teamed up with the RTC and successfully got the approval to teach their course in "Super resultion microscopy meets AI" next year as part of the "Carpe digitale" initiave.

Computational artificial intelligence (AI) models have established themselves as promising tools for analyzing microscopic image data. Therefore, during this course we would like to convey the basics of high-resolution light microscopic techniques on the one hand and introduce AI-supported analysis methods on the other. This is to be achieved with the help of learning videos, online exercises, and real-time knowledge queries. Our course is aimed at interested students and scientists who are looking for a theoretical and practical specialization in the field of microscopy and image analysis.