SBI goes Science Slam

Science Slam participants: Markus Wolfien, Matthieu Schapranow, Julia Schnetzer, Bernhard Steiert, Jan Strehlow (left to right)


Presenting one of our recent Deep Learning projects to a broader audience, we took part in a Science Slam organized by the BMBF in Bremen.

Our contribution, entitled "Künstliche Intelligenz - Vom Terminator ins Krankenhaus", was presented by Markus Wolfien. He showed possible approaches of the Terminator T-800 to distingusih between humans and cats with the help of Convolutional Neural Networks and gave relations how this technology can be transfered to investigate cardiac regeneration after infarction. We are thankful to the BMBF for organizing this event and hope for many more of this kind!

Read more about the Slams at or see the Science Slam video (German) at YouTube.