The Systems Medicine Web Hub is online!

2015-05-27 is the Internet Hub for information related to Systems Medicine, integrating a range of social media channels to support scientists, projects and initiatives with the communication of their efforts.

Systems medicine is an interdisciplinary approach to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of diseases. It complements clinical research with the expertise from molecular and cell biology, computer science, mathematics and statistics. This strong multidisciplinary aspect is a strength of systems medicine approaches, but it also makes it more difficult to identify with the community and to find relevant information.

The Systems Medicine Web Hub was created to overcome this difficulty, bringing under the same roof a number of different resources: news, publications, projects.

The benefits are:

  • increase visibility, more effective communication of results,
  • less effort maintaining (dynamic aspects) of project websites
  • more widespread impact of projects and initiatives
  • effective search for information, results, partners better coverage thought RSS feed, Twitter and social media.

For more information visit the Systems Medicine Web Hub.