Recently published model selected as "Model of the Month"


The BioModels Database selected our model of cooperative gene regulation by microRNA pairs as "Model of the Month" for July.

The BioModels Database has evolved as the standard web-based repository for computational models of biological processes. Recently our model of cooperative gene regulation by microRNA pairs was added to this collection. In the month of July (2014) this model was selected as "Model of the Month". See the announcement on BioModels here. The model is part of our recent publication: Schmitz U, Lai X, Winter F, Wolkenhauer O, Vera J, Gupta S (2014) Cooperative gene regulation by microRNA pairs and their identification using a computational workflow. Nucleic Acid Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gku465. The process of target gene repression by a pair of cooperating miRNAs is realized in two manners: (i) the formation of duplexes by the involved miRNAs and the target mRNA; and (ii) the formation of a triplex by the mRNA and the two miRNAs. In the publication we propose a workflow for the identification and the analysis of novel RNA triplexes. See figure for an illustration of all processes considered in the model.