New book on microRNA cancer regulation

MicroRNA Cancer Regulation - Advanced Concepts, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Tools


In February 2013 we published for the first time a book that is fully dedicated to a biomedical question and how to approach this using bioinformatics and systems biology approaches. The book is entitled: "MicroRNA cancer regulation - Advanced Concepts, B

What makes this book interesting for biomedical researchers and likewise for readers with a computational background are the facts that:

  1. we describe and promote an interdisciplinary approach combining experimentation with bioinformatics and systems biology methods,
  2. leading scientists from the field have contributed chapters,
  3. this book provides up-to-date insights into the role of microRNAs in cancer,
  4. and it provides numerous case studies across the disciplines.

From the back matter:
This book reflects the current state of knowledge about the role of microRNAs in the formation and progression of solid tumours. The main focus lies on computational methods and their applications in combination with cutting edge experimental techniques that are used to approach all aspects of microRNA regulation in cancer. The use of high-throughput quantitative techniques makes an integrative experimental and computational approach necessary. This book will be a resource for researchers starting out with microRNA research, but is also intended for the experienced researcher who wants to incorporate concepts and tools from systems biology and bioinformatics into his work. Bioinformaticians and modellers are provided with a general perspective on microRNA biology, and the state-of-the-art in computational microRNA biology.


MicroRNA Cancer Regulation

Advanced Concepts, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Tools
Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 774
Schmitz, Ulf; Wolkenhauer, Olaf; Vera, Julio (Eds.)
346 p. 93 illus., 70 in color