SBI Group joined 18. Citylauf


A relay of scientists from the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Group participated in the 18. "Rostocker Citylauf" at the 16th of May. The "SBI Magic 5" team achieved a notable 33. place.
Despite of drizzle, awkward wind and cold 8°C, the international staffing team "SBI Magic 5" competed for the 5x3km run. Under the applause of the audience, Angelyn Lao, Wencke Walter, Dr. Julio Vera Gonzales, Ulf Liebal and Andreas Frost started the competition against the clock and the other attendees. Because the relay should also work as a commercial for the sport and should also entertain the visitors on the track, all teams devised a special theme. The runners of the SBI therefore tried to fit some of the stereotypes of computational and mathematical scientists by wearing nerdy glasses, tie or ribbon and an oversized magnifier as a baton. The SBI relay finished their rounds in 1h13min and proved that a healthy mind and a healthy body form one unit.
In addition to the active runners, Thomas Millat and Florian Wendland were involved in the organisation team and ensured a smooth event.